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lost canons

forgotten by some – but not all

Many Are Called by Edward NewhouseBread and a StoneA Sign for CainThose who Perish by Edward DahlbergThe Rediscovery of Man by Waldo FrankTime Exposures by Waldo FrankNot Heaven by Waldo FrankThe Main Stem by William EdgeDoctor Rast by James OppenheimMask of SilenusPotable GoldThe Anchored Heart by Ida TreatLaughing in the JungleThe Old Alien by the Kitchen WindowThe Chauvinist and Other StoriesThe Warm CountryBread and a StoneThe Hard-Boiled VirginDear Lovers Are Faithful LoversThe Jewish ProblemBy Your Blood You Will LiveThe Vocabulary of PeaceCity of Many DaysTwilight